Beat the Backlist 2019


I saw this challenge over on NovelKnight and thought this would be a great way to start getting my TBR under control.

The books have to be published in the prior year or earlier, meaning that for the 2019 challenge, any book published in 2018 or earlier counts!
You have to start and finish the book during the challenge year to count it which basically means that any books you start in 2018 or any books you finish in 2020 wouldn’t count. Otherwise, as long as you start and finish the book in 2019, it’s good to go!

House Mini Challenge
I am joining my house and earning points for Slytherin!


Additional Goals
– Read a total of 100 Books
– Read 50 Books from my physical shelves
– Read 20 Books from my Kindle
– Read 6 ‘classics’
– Read 6 non-fiction

The Books
My TBR is only a rough guide as I tend to read whatever I feel rather than go down a specific list but I am picking 26 (plus what I don’t read out of this list in the next month) that I’d like to read although I will probably end up reading closer to 100. I will however be keeping track of what of what books I have read on a shelf on my Goodreads.


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